HÄSTKO s'engage pour la protection des équidés

HÄSTKO is committed to the protection of equines

S ince 2019 HASTKO has been committed to the protection and rescue of equidae alongside the association "les crins de liberté". By donating 1% of our annual turnover, we want to contribute to the fight against animal abuse.

Founded in 2007, the association Les Crins de Liberté strives to save mistreated, abandoned or slaughtered horses, to take care of them, to restore their confidence in human beings, and to place them in families who will be able to provide them with the love and care they deserve.

On the occasion of Black Friday in 2019, HÄSTKO did not want to "cut its prices" as many brands do while the rest of the year they inflate their prices.
From there, was born the idea of ​​donating a percentage to an association. It is quite naturally that the choice was directed towards the protection of equidae. This is how HÄSTKO has made its contribution to the rescue of horses.