Doit-on choisir entre technicité et féminité ?

Choose: Technicality or femininity? Both my captain

It's crazy when you think about it, in England 46% of young girls would avoid sports because of genes and pains caused by their breasts.
Obviously, being already disturbed on a daily basis by the weight of a generous low-cut, they do not want to impose additional suffering on themselves with sports.
But if the underwear presented in stores did their job by supporting the breasts more, this percentage would be much lower! It might even encourage more people to practice sports, for better physical health! This study puts the finger on a big problem (no pun intended!):

How is it that sports bras aren't seen as helpful by this percentage of women?
HÄSTKO studied how the disturbance of some underwear slows some of us down. After observing the construction of dozens of sports bras, the conclusion is clear: most sports underwear have lots of seams, which is the main cause of irritation.

Considering the difficulty it is to (re) get into sports. So, suffering from friction problems in addition to a painful rebound is downright demotivating. The purpose of a sports bra is to support us in our activities, not to cause more problems!

A second skin effect

Hence, after this observation, the brand worked with various experts in many different countries, looking for a construction method that could make the sports bra non-irritating, while still supporting us perfectly. The founders ended up discovering a heat-welding technique: almost no seams on the entire sports bra, since it is made from Senselast®! (Patented, it's actually a 3D print that consists in spraying velvet powder on the fabric, to give this "soft" effect without shearing the skin.)

In the end, the designers have achieved a feat in terms of comfort: the material is flexible, with a truly stunning second skin effect!

The most athletics among us may already know that synthetic fabrics expulses perspiration. Unlike natural fibres, which take longer to dry when sweating because they act like a sponge (think of your bath towel!), the fabric chosen by HÄSTKO for its sports bra is a clever blend of polyamide and spandex. So yes, poor quality synthetic fabrics - which leave terrible odors - tons of them exist on the market. But the designers of HÄSTKO made sure to use a quality synthetic fabric, paying a particular attention to 4 important points:

  • The fabric should not pill,
  • Must not cause overheating,
  • Must be very breathable. (Which allows perspiration to evacuate properly, and therefore not to feel damp!)
  • Must also dry quickly !

Second skin effect

The Senselast® innovation

The breasts all flattened such as a "mono-breast" style... Does that speak to you? Because that's how most sports bras hold them. And it's downright suffocating! This is where the innovation begins.

If the breasts are flattened and they are not separated, they form one and the same mass instead of two separate ones, which is therefore heavier and bounces stronger

Explains Aurélie Moinier, co-creator of the HÄSTKO sports bra.


To solve this problem, the two co-founders have developed a sports bra that frames the breast thanks to Senselast® 3D printing bands, and holds it without pressing it down. Result: The sports bra encapsulates the chest without oppressing it! The undeniable advantage in all this is that it gives a beautiful shape for a much more feminine silhouette! Because for HÄSTKO the concept of sports LINGERIE, which integrates the notion of femininity, is ESSENTIAL!