HÄSTKO X Odysséa

How is HÄSTKO involved with the fight against breast cancer?

When HÄSTKO heard about Charlotte and Émilie's project, it immediately hit the spot within the team and we didn't hesitate for a second to get involved in this beautiful project. In short: it's about supporting 2 sisters who have given themselves a rather incredible challenge: to run the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles, by publicizing their adventure to donate the profits to the fight against breast cancer.
It is under the sun of the Moroccan desert that we will find them on the starting line on March 18th. From our offices, we hold our breath and follow their adventure closely.

What is the Aïcha des Gazelles Rally?

A crazy adventure, 100% feminine since 1990. At each edition, 320 gazelles for a human sporting adventure. Charlotte and Émilie will have 16 days to cross the finish line. All without GPS and only off-piste!

There is a before gazelles, a during, and an after. I believe that all the women who come to participate in this event come out strong, come out full of courage and happiness.

Dominique SERRA, General Manager of the Rallye des Gazelles.

The “Pour Elles” team takes the start

In this adventure, HÄSTKO will follow the crew of Charlotte and Émilie, 2 sisters from Haute-Savoie. They were confronted at a very young age with the illness and death of their parents.

I am ready to surpass myself in this unique and human experience, shared with my pillars of life, my sisters.

Charlotte, Driver in the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles and committed to the fight against breast cancer.

Behind the project for them, there are 4 women in total: Julie, Émilie, Charlotte and Aude driven by the desire to contribute to a cause that is dear to them. All of the profits collected will be donated to the Odysséa association to finance research against breast cancer.

Emily and Charlotte

Charlotte and Emily

3 actions deployed by HÄSTKO to boost the fight against breast cancer


The founders — Joséphine and Aurélie — are particularly sensitive to the cause of breast cancer. From their personal and family experience first of all, but also because HÄSTKO's fight is to offer a range of sports lingerie for all body types, highlighting all the wounds that life has left on our bodies. So, how do you support these incredible women and allow them to succeed in their challenge? Here is how HÄSTKO decided to bring its stone to the building:
  • The 2 pilots will be equipped with a high and low set to accompany them in their sporting achievement. They will allow them to calmly face their days by avoiding burns and friction.
  • 5% of all sales made until April 9 donated to Odysséa, which funds research to fight breast cancer.
  • Extensive communication on our social networks and on our website to publicize their project.