The founders

Even if HÄSTKO sounds quite swedish, it's actually born in the french alps in Chamonix Mont-Blanc, the mecca of outdoor sports. One of our co-founders simply has a tiny bit of a crush on sweden :) The name originates from HÄST KOMPANIET as our founders met in the local stables and share a passion for horse-riding. There, you know everything !

The idea

They make a common observation: finding good sports lingerie - both technical AND aesthetic - is not an easy task! Sports bras that compress like Marie-Antoinette's corsets and panties that relax or roll in the *** do not make them dream. Following yet another injury (intimate) in the saddle, they finally start : we must revolutionize sports lingerie.

HÄSTKO for everyone! #inclusivegoals

It's so frustrating not to find the right size or the perfect model for your body type. When we launched the first collection, we wanted to produce a range of sizes that would allow each woman to find her happiness. Unfortunately, this is not compatible with small quantities: the minimums imposed by the factories are just E-STANDARDS.

Never mind ! We fully intend to take our revenge on the new collection. We are currently preparing more sizes, models and cuts to satisfy as many women as possible. Inclusiveness is a real challenge for a micro company like HÄSTKO. And we hope to do so in the years to come. #we loose nothing