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Do you know what women hate most in a sports bra? It emerged that the number 1 problem would be straps that slip or shear the shoulder1. Knowing that the support in a bra or a sports bra is due to 20% of the straps and 80% of the elastic band under the breasts, it is absolutely necessary to focus all your attention on these parameters. Ladies, choose suitable straps! It has been proven2 that support is better with crossed straps in the back. Specific detail that is very important by the way: there is nothing worse than putting your suspender that is constantly falling, back on while there is still 5 km to run.
Another point that HÄSTKO has not left to chance. In addition to the crossover straps, the No.37 bra is designed to not cut or shear the shoulders:

  • The fabric of the suspenders is not rigid,
  • The bands of Senselast® are wide and go in the direction of the width, to evenly distribute the weight of your chest.
  • The velvet touch is like a second skin on the shoulders, I would even say similar to peach skin, ultra soft!

You have to put it on to believe it: it feels like you're not wearing anything, it's completely forgotten.

Visual Bra No.37 comfort

The basque: main supporting element

Let's talk about the elastic band that goes under the chest. In lingerie lingo, this is called a basque. Here we are attacking the main element of support!
  • It should not be too tight to avoid pain, nor too loose to give you good support. A good adjustment system in the back solves this problem. But beware: the clasps found on most bras have not changed since the days of the corset… It's crazy when you think about it! And that's where once again, the HÄSTKO bra stands out from what you can usually find. No more metal staples: the integrated adjuster is fully heat-sealed to be as flat as possible , and avoids the risk of injury or marks on the skin (the staples are covered by a soft and fluffy fabric, which protects your skin ) .
  • The width of the basque is also to be taken into account. A wide band basque provides better support. Some of you have probably already been injured by a strip that was a little too rough around the edges. HÄSTKO didn't want to neglect this aspect: this essential part of their bra is entirely made of Senselast® to find this very soft touch that we told you about above.
  • Underwires can be integrated for a better separation of the chest. But in this case, you should avoid sports bras with metal underwires, which may puncture the fabric and injure the skin in the middle of your gym class. HÄSTKO has opted for a non-wired bra to minimize the risk of injury and give you a feeling of total freedom!

How to choose the right bra size?

But the most important thing to avoid injuries during a sports session is ABOVE ALL to choose the right bra size. It must be adapted to your chest shape and your bust morphology. After a survey, about 6 out of 10 women do not know their bra size3, which remains very problematic since it is imperative for you to have underwear adapted to your body!

The solution is to measure your breast size often, which changes over time. Each brand has its own size guide, so don't hesitate to contact them for advice!

In the case of HÄSTKO:

  • Take your favorite bra, the one that suits you best.
  • The circumference of the bra must be snug, parallel to the ground (it must not go up in the back because of the straps, otherwise it means that this bra is not really your size).
  • Once you are sure this bra is your size, simply convert the size in the HÄSTKO size guide .

At HÄSTKO, the team is physically behind the screens to help you choose the right model and the right size, according to your morphology. We don't all have model bodies! Some have undergone operations, gained or lost weight, etc. The brand has also made available a Live chat on the website, where you can get advice directly.

Above all, do not hesitate sending back what is wrong! Some underwear brands like HÄSTKO offer free shipping and returns, which allows you to try on at home in front of your usual mirror, and send back what's wrong for free.

To find out where HÄSTKO's goal comes from, go to our article "Finding the right lingerie to move, it's sport"

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