How long before my order is on its way?

We are committed to ensuring that any order registered from Monday to Thursday before 9:00 am will be processed the same day; after 9:00 a.m. it will be processed the next day.


How long before I get my order?

Our colissimo partner is generally very reliable and ensures fast delivery within 2 or 3 working days in France. For any other country in the UE, it usually takes about a week but we are not in control of the postal service’s efficiency unfortunately. When the parcel has to go through customs it can take up to 3 weeks (like Russia for example).


Which countries do you ship to?

Colissimo guarantees the delivery in 40 international destinations, here is the list of these countries and the minimum time required for shipping. You can of course send your package to any other country in the world, but La Poste will not commit to deadlines.

Australia 5 to 9 days
Austria 3 to 4 days
Belgium 3 to 4 days
Bulgaria 5 to 7 days
Canada 6 to 10 days
China 5 to 10 days
Croatia 4 to 7 days
Cyprus 5 to 8 days
Czech Republic 4 to 5 days
Denmark 4 to 5 days
Estonia 6 to 7 days
Finland 4 to 5 days
Germany 3 to 5 days
Greece 5 to 7 days
Hong-Kong 5 to 7 days
Hungary 5 to 6 days
Iceland 4 to 5 days
Ireland 4 to 5 days
Italy 3 to 5 days
Japan 5 to 6 days
Latvia 6 to 7 days
Lithuania 5 to 6 days
Luxembourg 3 to 4 days
Malta 4 to 5 days
Netherlands 3 to 4 days
Norway 6 to 7 days
Poland 5 to 6 days
Portugal 4 to 9 days
Romania 4 to 6 days
Singapore 5 to 6 days
Slovakia 4 to 5 days
Slovenia 5 to 6 days
South Korea 5 to 7 days
Spain 3 to 7 days
Sweden 4 to 6 days
Switzerland 3 to 4 days
Thailand 5 to 8 days
United Kingdom 3 to 5 days
USA 5 to 8 days
Vietnam 5 to 8 days


Shipping costs

Shipping costs may vary from one destination to another and it also depends on the weight of your package. Our free shipping and return policy only applies to mainland France.




You want to return or exchange an item, what should you do?

The product does not suit you ? No problem !

To return an item, simply write to us via the contact page or to the address sav@hastko.com. You will need to specify your order number and the item(s) concerned. The returner pays the postage. Please return your package to :

Mont-Blanc Basecamp
336, Route du Nant Jorland

Make sure you keep proof of deposit and the tracking number from your postal service, it will be essential in case the parcel gets lost or stolen on its way to us. Once it is in our hands, your package is examined by our team. (products must be new, unworn, unstained, unwashed. Hygienic protection must be intact in panties and boxers.) We record on video all our unboxings. Once the items have been verified we will be able to provide you with your exchange or refund. We will notify you if there are any additional shipping fees.

How long does it take to exchange a product or get a refund?

At HÄSTKO, we want to be super reactive. You are our priority ! In general, we process requests within a maximum of 5 days.




I made a mistake in my order, what should I do?

No problem! Quickly send a message via the contact page. If your order has not already shipped, we will be happy to modify your order.

Can I have an invoice ?

If you would like an invoice for your online purchase, do not hesitate to write to us via the contact page. We will email it to you as soon as possible.

Is online payment secure?

Yes! On our HÄSTKO.com site, the url of the page «http: //» becomes «https: //», with the addition of «s» for «Secure», a closed padlock may also appear in your browser. This proves that our site is highly secure.

During payment, in addition to the traditional visual cryptogram (generally a three-digit code you find on the back of your card), you can validate your online payment with a second security step. Usually by entering a code which is sent by your bank just after payment. Most of the time, this is a code sent by SMS and you must enter it on our website to confirm your order. Sometimes you also have to open your bank’s app on your smartphone to complete the transaction.




For which sport (s) can I use HÄSTKO underwear?

The HÄSTKO underwear are designed to be used for all sports!

Our No.37 bra provides excellent breast support. It is designed for high impact sports such as running, horseback riding, Crossfit® along with a bunch of other sports like dancing, hiking, cycling, climbing, skiing … We know your imagination has no limits!

For horse-riders, bicyclers and motorsports enthusiasts, we have a special bonus. Tired of traditionally padded shorts and their infamous «diaper» effect ? Our Panties and Boxer briefs can be used in combination with the Ridingpad® for all saddle sports. It’s extra thin and flexible, and will bring you comfort and protection while remaining super discreet.

I am not a biker nor a rider.
It’s ok. Our panties and boxer briefs can be worn without the Ridingpad®. They are already going to revolutionize your comfort on their own. The seamless folded edges and the 3D Senselast® printings will give you an amazing second skin feel. Perfect for moving, running, riding, sweating, or even just getting comfortable!

What is the difference between the Panty No.23 and the Panty No.98 ?

It’s simply a matter of design. The Panty No.23 has more of a «shorty» hipster cut and Panty No.98 has more of a classic knickers’ shape. But the difference is very subtle, it’s a matter of 1 cm. There is no difference in terms of technicity (the Ridingpad® compatible system is the same). The Panty No.23 is slightly more pricy because we use more Senselast® 3D printing to make it.

Are you planning on making new designs (tangas, boyshorts, thongs…) and more sizes ?

Absolutely. At HÄSTKO, we realize all too well that we are all made differently and that we all have our preferences. We are already working to expand our collection to offer a whole range of underwear, tops and bottoms, with an array of cuts, sizes, shapes, colors, fabrics, which hopefully will suit all body types !

When will these new products be available ? You will have to be a little patient. Usually, from the idea to completion, it takes a year !

Is the RIDINGPAD® suitable for both men and women?

Yes indeed. We have developed the RIDINGPAD® according to the positioning of the ischia, and including the measurements of many different morphologies of both men and women. This work has been completed in collaboration with an osteopath.

How do I choose my size?

Each brand sizes differently. Here is our size guide:

  • For the Panty
  • For the Brassière
  • For the Boxer

Still having doubts? Come and chat live with us, we are often online behind our screens to answer your questions. The livechat is in the right bottom corner of your screen.

Can I wash the products in the washing machine ?

Our entire underwear range is washable at 30°C in the machine. Even the RIDINGPAD®!
Warning: Do not put in the dryer, it will wear off the bonding tapes. Don’t forget to separate light colors from dark colors. Especially if you’ve ordered the Invisible Collection products.




Where are the products made?

We will be transparent. But it’s a long story. We had a dream: to produce in France. Unfortunately, we soon discovered that this would not be possible. In France, we are the best at making lingerie. Unequaled know-how. But what’s wrong then this is?
Unfortunately, French factories only know how to use sewing to assemble pieces. French professionals are not equipped and trained in new techniques such as thermo-bonding, laser cutting or 3D printing. And that’s exactly what we needed. After more than 2 years traveling around the world making hundreds of prototypes, we finally met a team in China and a team in Croatia who could answer our high standards or technicity. It didn’t cost us any less to produce abroad. Producing in other countries implied surrounding ourselves with technicians and translators but also traveling frequently. Today, we have found new partners to produce our next collections in Europe. We are super excited about this, because ecology is part of us and our daily lifestyle so we could not imagine producing at the other side of the world forever. Our big dream ? Opening our own HÄSTKO workshop in our home town of Chamonix Mont-Blanc.

HÄSTKO, doesn’t sound French…

Indeed, the brand is French but the name is inspired by the Swedish language. Why ? Because Joséphine one of the co-founders, use to live there and her better half is Swedish too ! What does it mean ? It is a contraction for Häst Kompaniet, which means The Horse Company. Why ? Because at HÄSTKO on of our favorite sports is horse-riding and we are in love with animals !

Is HÄSTKO involved in charities ?

We are actively working with Les Crins de La Liberté. We give 1% of our revenues each year to support them in their mission to rescue and save horses in distress. As we told you above, we are animal lovers ! Animals are simply the best.

Your packaging is compostable. What should I do with them ?

We always try our best to find alternatives to plastic. Our product packaging is plant based (sugar cane) and is biodegradable. Not all town and countries have the industrial composting system in place unfortunately. If you don’t have it, just put the packaging in the classic bin.

Where else can I find HÄSTKO ?

Have a look at this map.

Is HÄSTKO recruiting?

Not for now. But we still have a look at all the applications we receive so you might as well try your luck, who knows…