HÄSTKO> Concept

The first ever brand of stylish underwear FOR SPORT


We simply love our super thin gel pad and its mellowness.

What is the RIDINGPAD®? It is an anatomical protection made of breathable mesh and gel. The density of the gel is calculated to absorb shock and pressure in the saddle without ever crashing or compacting. No more bulky foam chamois. No more diaper effect. The RIDINGPAD® is ultra-flexible, it fits in the palm of your hand. It’s your new ally to get on that saddle, whether you are cycling to work, or riding your horse. Its finesse makes it very discreet and it will go totally unnoticed under your daily trousers.


The RIDINGPAD®, You put it on right before you get on the saddle and take it off when your ride is over.

Our underwear has a patented RE-MO-VA-BLE protection system ! You can choose to insert gel protection pad into your panties / boxers just before you get in the saddle for absolute comfort. You just need to own one single RIDINGPAD® and use it endlessly in any compatible bottom model in the HÄSTKO underwear range. Just pop it in when you need it.


Excellent support & second skin feeling.

Let’s talk about pain and suffering, let’s talk about bouncing boobs... It is in the University of Portsmouth, England that we studied the breast biomechanics during horse riding, running and other high-impact sports. The design of our Bra No.37 was thought through and through to reduce this painful motion. Thanks to a 3D printed frame of silicone we ingeniously encapsulate the breast to control that bounce WITHOUT CRUSHING the boobs, a revolution !


The best sport underwear you will ever own.

The No.52 boxer brief is the result of great teamwork : It was born thanks to the collaboration between a team of professional, international athletes and an accomplished osteopath. Thanks to its ultra-thin grip bands of patented Senselast® 3D printing, the boxer briefs stay in place. They don’t run up the thighs, and they don’t fold painfully into the groin when you’re running, biking or horseback riding. Farewell chafing !